From Dan de Mirmont to Miriam W...
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An advertisement placed in The New Yorker magazine, December 25, 2000/January 1, 2001 issue, p. 143:

(Open letter to Miriam W. seat 12C British Airways Flight 178, New York JFK to London Gatwick, Nov. 11, 1999)

Dear Miriam,

This is an odd way to get in touch. When I first saw you sitting on the plane you were reading The New Yorker, so I'm trying this way to find you. I don't know much about you (other than your stories about Ohio). I did most of the talking, but I want you to know that our conversation changed my life.

Sometimes it's easier to talk to strangers and that flight was one of those times. I was in business, doing things I didn't enjoy. That morning I packed my suitcase, took the bumpy ride through the rain to the airport, feeling empty. On the flight I talked, you listened, and what you said gave me courage I never felt before.

I did it. I quit my job. I now live in Saigon in a house overlooking the river and have a business selling handmade things. Nice things, things that please me and that make people happy. It is going well and I owe you the drink I promised.

I would like to see you again. If you see this, please contact me.

Dan de Mirmont

I smiled.